• The Bluetits are Never Knowingly Subtle

    The Bluetits are Never Knowingly Subtle

    Recently, we received a comment on a picture of our much loved Bluetit Swimsuit. It said 'This looks like it's been made for a child.' After some back and forth, we realised that this commenter meant this negatively. What made us all giggle at HQ was that it didn't occur to us for a second that it could be a bad thing!
  • The Bluetit Effect

    The Bluetit Effect

    The Blue Tit Effect was a phenomenon discovered around the 1950s. Bird watchers and milk lovers alike noticed that Bluetits were pecking through milk bottle caps on doorsteps to get to the delicious cream inside. The Blue Tit turned out to be the only bird that did this consistently. The amazing part? It turned out that this was a learned behaviour, passed from Blue Tit to Blue Tit. Robins gave it a go, and some succeeded, but failed to pass it on to any other robins. This means (well we like to think it does) that originally there was just one brave, pesky blue tit who took the plunge. Others watched, and went off to try it themselves. This is known as the Blue Tit Effect.
  • 2020 - The Year of The Bluetits

    2020 - The Year of The Bluetits

    2020 has been an interesting year for all of us. At Bluetit HQ, it has been one to remember for more reasons than the obvious. The Bluetits has grown in a way we could not have predicted, and in between dealing with all the challenges this pandemic has thrown at us, we have been busy working to make this community one that can continue to grow and spread the joy of cold water swimming to as many people as possible.