Our Story

The Bluetits Chill Swimmers group began on one not so cold morning in September 2014. There are now Bluetits all over the world. 

In the beginning

After years of partaking in triathlons, cyclosportive events, marathons, ultramarathons, swims and multi-sports events, Sian Richardson decided cold water swimming might be an interesting new challenge, one that was less of a strain on her joints and wallet she thought.

As she swam into the winter months of 2014 she discovered it was no less of a challenge mentally. As the months passed by and the temperature dropped she continued to squeal and whoop in the Pembrokeshire sea. She squealed and whooped quite loud, it would seem. Others heard and came along to join her, and that is how The Bluetits began.


In 2022

There are now around 100,000 Bluetits worldwide. All are joined together by a love of swimming, adventure, and the sense of community that brings. We are not an official club, there are no membership fees and anyone is welcome at any of the informal swims arranged in the groups.
The Bluetits Chill Swimmers Ltd is a social enterprise, set up in 2020 to give a framework to support the fast growing community. All the profits we make go back into the running of the Bluetits - employment, volunteer admin training, bursary projects and anything else the community needs in the future. To find out more about where the money goes, click here!