Flock Focus - Wild West Devon Bluetits

Flock Focus - Wild West Devon Bluetits

Wild West Devon Bluetits

Who are the admins?

Helen Heggadon, Kerry Friend, Vicky Staple

How many members do you have?


What's your favourite swim spot and why?

Meldon pools. Although a small dipping place it’s great fun to play in the waterfalls

Do you have any regular swims that people can come along and join you?

Meldon Monday 5pm. Cullever steps Friday 5pm and other as hoc swims

Do you have any particular post swim rituals? Is it always cake? Do you prefer a fire?

I like to take a sausage - it makes everyone laugh but I love a sausage. If you look up the history of the sausage it was originally a pudding so - it’s kind and f the same as having cake! Others take cake, biscuits, trail mix etc.

Tell us about a really memorable occasion for your flock

During a winter swim, while we were changing, a members swimming costume actually froze to a rock!


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