Cornish Cliff Top Hotel

Set upon the rugged wilderness of Lizard Point (3 nights)

Icelandic Swim Adventure

Discover Iceland's geothermal pool culture (4 nights)


Explore the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline with Bluetits founder Sian Richardson (3 nights)


A weekend of wild dips on this stunning Welsh Island (3 nights)

Dorset - The Jurassic Coast

Walk and dip on the stunning Jurassic coastline - famous for its fossils (3 nights)

Welsh Waterfalls

Take the plunge in many falls on the Elidir Trail and jump in at Henrhyd Falls (3 nights)

Cornwall : Secret Coves & Tidal Pools

Your local Bluetit guide will introduce you to some of their best kept secret dipping spots (3 nights)


Enjoy festive Copenhagen, invigorating swims, hot tubs & saunas (4 nights)


Explore the beautiful Croatian coastline onboard a luxury yacht (7 nights)

Bluetit Holidays

Come for the adventure, leave with friendships and memories.

Why choose a Bluetit Holiday?

Bluetit holidays are different because they are designed for Bluetits (although you definitely don't have to be one to come).

What does that mean?

  • Anyone is welcome - if you are unsure about anything contact Different Travel (or Jules Verne for the Croatia Cruise) and they can answer your questions.
  • Our Bluetit hosts don't disappear at 5pm - our hosts are with you throughout your holiday, getting to know you and joining in the fun. The Bluetits is all about friendship and fun so our holidays are too.
  • Our swims are actually more like dips (well most of them) on some of the holidays there are options to take on longer swims but thats always optional.
  • Good hearty food and lots of cake - we know how important it is to have hearty meals when you are getting in and out of cold water. As for cake so far we've never found a shortage, lots of guests bring cake to share just like at Bluetit swims
  • Solo travellers are very welcome and before you know it you'll forget you came alone because you have new holiday friends - lots of our guests stay in touch long after their holidays are over.

 Other stuff.....

  • Accommodation - Lots of our holidays are in bunkhouse accommodation, this means bunk beds and shared rooms - this keeps the cost down but adds to the sense of community. 
  • Qualified guides - all our holidays are led by trained qualified guides - on every holiday you will have a Bluetit Approved holiday guide sometimes working alongside local guides.

2024 Holiday Dates

April 26th - 29th Cornish Cliff Top Hotel - Book Here £545pp
May 16th - 20th Iceland Swim Adventure - Book Here £2,495pp 
May 17th - 20th Pembrokeshire: Home of The Bluetits - Book Here


July 5th - 8th Anglesey Island Dips - Book Here £425pp
July 26th - 29th Dorset: The Jurassic Coast - Book Here £380pp
September 14th - 21st Croatian Cruise - Book Here fr £2595pp
September 20th - 23rd Welsh Waterfalls Weekend - Book Here £345pp
September 27th - 30th Welsh Waterfall Weekend - FULL £345pp
October 12th - 16th Iceland Swim Adventure - Book Here £2,495pp
November 8th - 11th Cornwall: Secret Coves and Tidal Pools - Book Here £450pp
November 27th - Dec 1st Copenhagen: Festive Swim Adventure - Book Here £1,790pp