The Bluetits Swim Coaches

All our coaches are Level 2 STA Qualified open water swim coaches who have completed The Bluetits certified training program, and so have the big rubber Bluetit stamp of approval!

These coaches specialise in helping people overcome every day challenges when it comes to dipping or swimming in cold water. Sure, if you want to improve your stroke or distance they can help, but they are just as happy to hold your hand as you learn to duck under waves, or encourage you to gain confidence swimming out of your depth.

In order to be Bluetit certified, a coach has shown that they embody the Bluetit values of fun, inclusivity and trust, so you can expect all of these on any session with a Bluetit Swim Coach.

All Bluetit Swim Coaches are self employed and run their own businesses any agreement or booking you make is with the coach.

Please always read their terms and conditions as they may vary.

Advertising in our groups

All of our Bluetit coaches are approved to advertise their services in their local Bluetit flocks so that Bluetits are aware of the services being available.

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