The Bluetits Chill Swimmers

The Bluetits Chill Swimmers group began on one not so cold morning in September 2014. It is now 2020 and there are Bluetits of all genders all over world. After years of partaking in triathlons, cyclo sportive events, marathons, ultramarathons, swims and multi sports events  Sian Richardson, and Tracey Sharratt, decided ice swimming might be an interesting new challenge, one that was less of a strain on our joints and wallets we thought. As we swam into the winter months of 2014/15 we discovered it was no less of a challenge mentally. As the months passed by and the temperature dropped we continued to squeal and whoop in the Pembrokeshire sea. We squealed and whooped quite loud so it would seem. Others heard us and came along to join us, and that is how The Bluetits began.

No club fees, registration, rules, requirements, expectations. We are an informal group of mixed gender people who just like to swim together. Some carry on throughout the winter months, some don’t. Some enter swimming events, some swim across the Channel, some meet every morning same time same place and swim chat their way through the water. Others swim ice miles, some meet for coffee and cake and maybe a swim or even a paddle. Our link to each other initially is the joy of challenging ourselves to potter in and around open water together throughout the year in swimsuits.

Visit our ‘Can We Help’ page to find your local flock and discover how you too can become a Bluetit or set up a Bluetit group in your area.