The Bluetits Chill Swimmers

The Bluetit mission is to create a confident, capable community through cold water swimming and adventures.

No club fees, registration, rules, requirements, expectations. We are an informal group of mixed gender people who just like to swim together. Some carry on throughout the winter months, some don’t. Some enter swimming events, some swim across the Channel, some meet every morning same time, same place and swim chat their way through the water. Others swim ice miles, some meet for coffee and cake, and maybe a swim or even a paddle. Our link to each other initially is the joy of challenging ourselves to potter in and around open water together throughout the year in swimsuits.

About The Bluetits

Read about how the Bluetits went from Sian swimming with a friend in 2014, to over 5000 Bluetits worldwide 6 years later.

Find Your Flock

Find your local flock and discover how you too can become a Bluetit or set up a group in your area.