Our Core Values

From how we welcome new swimmers on the beach, to the support we give our admins to the way we sell our merchandise, everything The Bluetits do comes back to our core values. If we have a decision to make, we’re 4 coffees down and just can’t agree, we take a breath and come back to how that decision relates to the things we value the most, and it makes everything a whole lot easier.


Sian started swimming in the sea without a wetsuit all year round for one reason. Because it’s really, really good fun! A Bluetit swim is a space in which we are all free to embrace a bit of silliness and reconnect with our inner, sometimes slightly naughty, child. From silly hats to naughty jokes and everything in between, we do this because it is fun!


We have a saying on a swim – ‘What happens in the water, stays in the water’. If someone lets rip about their partner leaving the washing up this morning, or needs a good cry because the world is getting them down, there is an understanding that it remains within the circle of trust. This unwritten rule has been with us since the start, and that basis of trust remains in every relationship and bond within the Bluetits. We are about more than swimming. We are a group of friends that spans continents.

Bluetit groups and swims are a non-judgemental space of acceptance and compassion, in which every person is of equal value.

Bluetits trust one another to take personal responsibility at any swim.


The Bluetits is for everyone. Full stop. No matter your gender, ethnicity, size, age, whatever. As long as you follow our values, you’re one of us. Our flocks have literally changed people’s lives, and we often hear that when a Bluetit joined their local flock they found their tribe. We feel strongly that everyone deserves to discover the joy of swimming with like-minded people.

Bluetit swims are free, and always will be.

These core values sit alongside our Bluetit motto

Challenging Our Limits, Together.

Bluetits find their inner superhero when they swim with a group. Overcoming personal challenges like being in a swimsuit around others, dipping a toe, swimming around a buoy or anything else builds confidence, and it’s amazing how this confidence spreads to every part of one’s life.