The Bluetit Journal


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This fabulous, one of a kind journal is designed to help you record, celebrate and reflect on the next 12 months of your own Bluetit journey. Challenge your limits together with Bluetits all over the world, all year round, and embrace the fun of filling each page with wonderful stickers, creative doodles and your Bluetitty thoughts.

There are 3 ways to buy - select your chosen option at the top of this page!

On its own - £17.50 - Freestyle it to doodle and jot to your heart's content!

Journal & Stickers - £24.50 - Get your hands on 6 sheets of glorious stickers to celebrate your wins or give to fellow Bluetits when they challenge their limits!

Bumper Journal Bundle - £37.00 - Get the Journal, 6 sheets of stickers, a Bluetit pen, a Bluetit pencil and a delicious Bluetit cloth bag to keep it all in! Treat yourself or this makes the most perfect gift for the Bluetit in your life.

Sticker Pack Only - £10 - Have you already bought your lovely Journal and would now like to add the Sticker Pack? Containing 6 glorious sheets of fun and colourful stickers to celebrate your wins, memorable moments or share with your Bluetit Buddies!

Journal pages include:

Memorable Moments - Record your bravest moment, treasured times with your Bluetit buddies or your most epic dip.

My Full Moon Swims - Fill with your full moon stickers or your own doodles.

Tits On Tour! - Mark your travels to different swim spots and visits to far off flocks.

My Top Swim Spots - Never forget a favourite spot to dip!

Your Weekly Journal - 4 pages per week for 52 weeks, to use as you please!

Doodle Page - Colour in, scribble away or get creative with your stickers.

Bluetitting... Dips, Swims and Other Things - For your general Bluetittery!

Reflections - Take a moment to look back on your Bluetitting journey.

Goals & Achievements - Celebrate the little wins and courageous steps!