Bluetit Leaflet 2023

Creating a capable, confident community through cold water dipping, and challenging our limits together.

There are over 100,000 Bluetits worldwide. All are joined together by a love of swimming, adventure and the sense of community this brings. We are a worldwide community, there are no membership fees and anyone is welcome at any of the informal swims arranged in the groups.

Some stats from our 2023 survey

We believe outdoor swimmimg is for everyone. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you can find fun and friendship by challenging your limits with The Bluetits.

Early in 2023 we surveyed just over 4,000 Bluetits and here's what they said:

94% said that being a Bluetit has a positive effect on their mental health

86% said that being a Bluetit has a positive effect on their physical health

72% have experienced a stronger sense of community and inclusivity

What Bluetits Say......

"Swimming with my flock has had a great effect on my physical and mental wellbeing. I get to be immersed in nature. Part of. gang, sharing life experiences, supporting each other. Rejoicing in our cold water endeavors, together"

Finding my flock has made a huge positive impact on my life. I moved to a new place and knew nobody and began to feel very lonely. Being a member of The Bluetits has helped me to meet some fabulous people - so much laughter, support and of course cake!!

"Everyone is super friendly, supportive and informative. They really feel like family and we enjoy meeting up and arranging little picnics or just a hot drink after our swim"

"It has made me fall in love with an activity that cleanses my mind and makes me feel alive. It has helped with body confidence due to the welcoming community"

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