Get Involved

Fancy working with The Bluetits and helping us to fulfil our mission to create a capable, confident community through cold water swimming? Here you'll find details of any current vacancies for volunteer admin positions or jobs at HQ.

Please note: Admin positions advertised here are for existing groups where the admin has stood down and is looking for a replacement. If you'd like to start a new group, click here.


ADMIN VACANCY - Weymouth - We are currently looking for a new admin to help manage the Weymouth Facebook group.


The admin position is a voluntary role that is focused around the running of the page and being in touch with the HQ team.

A flock administrator agrees to: 

  • Have fun and lead with the ‘be kind’ ethos that is integral to our community.

  • Maintain the running of the local flock Facebook page to which they are attached. 

  • Share safety information and resources delivered from The Bluetits HQ to the local page.

  • Admit new members to the flock.

  • Answer flock-related questions and / or obtain the answers from a Bluetits member of staff.

  • Handle issues, challenges and complaints from flock members. 

  • Manage the standard of posts that are permitted on the flock page.

  • Provide ‘newbie’ badges to all new swimmers and dippers.

  • Ensure that our inclusivity values are adhered to.

  • Direct all media requests to HQ.

  • Encourage new members to research their swim spots and direct them to the safety resources on the main website. 

  • Meet and greet ‘newbie’ swimmers at their first swim meet.

Admins have their own page to join, The Top Tits, which is filled with ideas and support and gives a chance to communicate with other flocks.  They also receive a 10% discount at the Bluetit Shop. 

So, if you are passionate about The Bluetits and want to get more involved, then this could be the opportunity for you! 

Anyone interested can get in touch by emailing: where I can answer any questions that you may have.