The Bluetits are Never Knowingly Subtle

The Bluetits are Never Knowingly Subtle

Recently, we received a comment on a picture of our much loved Bluetit Swimsuit. It said 'This looks like it's been made for a child.' After some back and forth, we realised that this commenter meant this negatively. What made us all giggle at HQ was that it didn't occur to us for a second that it could be a bad thing!

Bluetitting helps us to get in touch with our... what to call it? Inner child? Silly gene? F*** it response? Whatever you call it, and whatever it is for you, it's something that we can gradually bury as we grow up. This burying stops us skipping, laughing loudly, wearing whatever we like and, ultimately, being our true selves.


You may find, at a dip, this part of you bursts out. Sometimes it's a scream when a bit of seaweed touches you, or your favourite expletive that you never usually say in public. It might be a belly laugh til it hurts, or daring to skip down to the sea. It might simply be turning up, or offering around your pack of biscuits.

As you Bluetit more and more, this courage to be unapologetically you will start to leak into your life in between swims. You may find yourself speaking up in a work meeting, or asking someone out. Or just wearing that flamboyant coat you've always kept in the wardrobe.



Whatever stage of Bluetittery you're at, whether you've just started, haven't yet or are fully fledged, our new Never Knowingly Subtle range of swimwear is designed to help you shed that bit more of the crap that we put on ourselves.



Strut down the beach in a Cupcake Two Piece, or don a Whale Cossie and embrace the freedom of wearing what you like and not giving a hoot! Choose from a range of colourful, joyful designs and rediscover the fun of dressing up.


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