• Jackie's Bluetit Tale

    Jackie's Bluetit Tale

    "I’ve always swam in the sea in the summer but never beyond the end of September. However, it’s a long time to wait all the round till the next summer to get my sea swim. The first two dips in October 2021, put me off as it was just too cold for me. I’m not the sort of person who does anything brave. I’ve never done an ‘extreme sport’. I don’t persevere if something needs determination and if I do something and don’t like, I don’t usually do it again!
  • Bluetits Abroad - Sian's Off To Slovenia!

    Bluetits Abroad - Sian's Off To Slovenia!

    We’re sitting in Sian’s caravan, the old Bluetit HQ, on a frosty January day. It’s so cold in the caravan that it actually feels like this might be an extension of Sian’s training for Slovenia! I’ve dragged her away from packing and repacking her suitcase to tell me all about what she’s going to get up to.
  • Get Bluetitty in 2023

    Get Bluetitty in 2023

    If you're pondering how to Bluetit to the max this year once you're back into your routine, read on dear Bluetit, because we've got some fantastic ways to do so!   SWOT UP ON SAFETY This year, remember our safety motto...

  • The Bluetits' 2022 In Review

    The Bluetits' 2022 In Review

    What a year it's been, Bluetits! As we all got used to post-lockdown life, more of you discovered the joys of dipping with likeminded souls all over the world, and we saw our groups expand even more. The Bluetits Chill...

  • Bluetit Tales - Melissa

    Bluetit Tales - Melissa

    Cold water dipping is a challenge in itself, for anyone. When a Bluetit has a disability, there are often other challenges to overcome before the cold water even hits their toes. This International Day of People with Disabilities, we bring you the...

  • Bluetit Tips for Night Swimming

    Bluetit Tips for Night Swimming

    Night swimming can be utterly glorious. There's an extra thrill in immersing in the cold water in the dark, when your mind focuses that bit more on how it feels rather than the way it looks. The moon may shine,...