World Bluetit Day Badge


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As it has always been, the badge that a Bluetit gets after their first swim is free. It's our gift to you to remember the experience, and so fellow Tits all around the world can give one another the nod when you spot that now-famous badge.

Now we have a whole host of other badges, from those to mark a specific achievement to those that mark you out as a certain kind of Tit.

This badge is designed to celebrate what it is to be a part of this wonderful, courageous, and generally incredible community!

This year we celebrated our 2nd World Bluetit Day and we went bigger... MUCH bigger!   On 1st October 2022 we went LIVE from Bluetit HQ in Pembrokeshire for a day of fun-filled, slightly chaotic Bluetitting.  Chatting with flocks across the globe, connecting with those in the know about all things cold water, from kit to safety, and we gave away LOTS of fabulous Bluetit goodies!

The kindness, trust, fun, friendliness, laughter, naughtiness and inclusivity that is the marker of any Bluetit swim was felt the world over, and we're feeling a little tingly just thinking about how amazing it was!

We are so looking forward to next year already!