New Swimmer Badges (pack of 60)



60 new swimmer badges - use the Coupon Code in the pinned post in Top Tits to get your free top-up of badges. We limit the order to one pack at a time to manage stock and to try to ensure that all groups can get an order in.

When ordering please add your group name in the notes section. If you don't do this your order maybe cancelled.

About New Swimmer Badges:
New swimmer badges are one of the ways that we support and celebrate new Bluetits, the handing out and receiving of badges has been an integral part of The Bluetits ever since its humble beginnings in 2014.

Each pack of new swim badges costs us £11 (inc postage) - to fund 1 pack of new swimmer badges we need to sell £55 of products in our online store.

We currently send out approximately 20 packs per month.