2023 - Add on Badge Pack - Bumper Bluetit Bingo Challenge


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Celebrate your little wins and overcoming your big challenges with this Summer's Challenge Badge Pack!

If you’ve signed up for the Arctic Flappers Summer Challenge - Bumper Bluetit Bingo, this Add On Badge Pack includes 8 unique badge designs to mark various challenges you're taking on this summer.

This badge pack includes:

Adventurous Tit Badge - set your own summer adventure to earn this badge

Flock Hopper Badge - Swim with a different flock

I Challenged Myself And Won Badge - For a little win or a huge achievement!

I Posted A Swim Badge - Post a swim on your local flock page

I Tried Something New Badge - challenge your limits and do something you've always wanted to

Just Do 'Tit' Badge - Take the plunge and go for it!

Litter Picking Eco Titting Badge - Help to clean up your swim spot

Night Sky Dipper - Dip under the night sky - here are some great tips for night swimming.


* * Please Note* * The pack doesn’t include the challenge sew on patch or badge, you need to click here to enter the challenge itself to get those beauties!
We don't offer refunds or exchanges on our challenges.