The Global Bluetit Swim Team

The Global Bluetit Swim Team is, officially, a reality. The idea was born at the International World Swimming Championships in Slovenia earlier this year, as Sian watched Bluetits standing at the start line, patiently waiting to breaststroke 100m alongside swimmers limbering up and anxiously checking times and rankings. The camaraderie, support and fun that was had by the Bluetits at that event stuck with Sian, and soon the image of a Global Bluetit Swim Team just wouldn’t leave her head.
Having started out taking part in triathlons and ultra marathons, being that Have A Go Hero on the start line, without the cheering of a team behind her, Sian was deeply moved by the idea that she could now put together a team of such people. People who have never seen themselves as extreme athletes and yet are capable of incredible things when they find their courage and have the support of others.
So now, Sian is on the look out for the 28 Bluetits who will join the 32 who went to Slovenia to make up this unique team and travel to Estonia in March 2024 for the next IWSA Championships.
If that could be you, if that idea has sparked something in you and you think ‘Could I? I think I could…’ then watch the video below, have a look at all the event info for Tallinn 2024, and drop us an email at with the subject line ‘Global Bluetit Swim Team’, with a bit about you and why you would like to be part of this team.
Team members will need to commit to coming to Tallinn from March 4th to 10th 2024 and taking part in the IWSA Championships. You will receive team kit, and you will be responsible for paying for your own travel and accommodation. Please carefully consider whether you are able to commit to this, and only apply if you are sure. Considerations for the team will close on the 15th September.