Volunteer Bluetit Group Admin Agreement

Here you’ll find out more about the admin role and what you can expect from volunteering as a group admin for The Bluetits!

Welcome to The Bluetits Chill Swimmers!

Thank you for deciding to become a volunteer group admin with The Bluetits Chill Swimmers Ltd (The Bluetits). 

Volunteers are essential to our work, and we want to make sure you know how important and valued you are. This information has been compiled as part of your induction. We hope you will find this information useful, but if you have any further questions about volunteering with us or would like more general information about the organisation itself, or have any other queries then please get in touch with us at Bluetit HQ.

About The Bluetits Chill Swimmers

We believe that cold water swimming has the power to transform lives. We have over 100 groups (and counting) all over the UK and beyond. Since the early days of Sian and a few local friends dipping in Pembrokeshire the Bluetits has grown beyond all expectations. Everyone at Bluetit HQ is a chill swimmer and we know first hand the positive changes that result from swimming in cold water with like minded people.

In 2020 The Bluetits became a registered social enterprise, since then each new group has been started and monitored by a volunteer group admin. 

What is a Group Admin?
Bluetit Group Admins are a key part of the Bluetit network, each area with a Bluetit group is started and managed by the admin. The group admin role includes:

  • Managing the Facebook group page.
  • Liaising with Bluetit HQ about all Bluetit matters, swims, badges and events.
  • Abiding by and sharing the Bluetit values at all times.
  • Receiving and distributing badges.

Support from Bluetit HQ

Bluetit HQ is located in St Davids on Glasfryn Lane Business Park, and it’s where all badges, merchandise and events are organised. Bluetit HQ is managed by Sian, Sarah, Gail and Sam. Together we look after the values and ethos, the brand and online presence, the finances and our volunteers. We also come up with crazy ideas on a very regular basis! 

Our Values; Fun, Trust & Inclusivity

Trust – We have a saying on a swim – ‘What happens in the water, stays in the water’. If someone lets rip about their partner leaving the washing up this morning, or needs a good cry because the world is getting them down, there is an understanding that it remains within the circle of trust. This unwritten rule has been with us since the start, and that basis of trust remains in every relationship and bond within the Bluetits. We are about more than swimming. We are a group of friends that spans continents.

Bluetit groups and swims are a non-judgemental space of acceptance and compassion, in which every person is of equal value.

Bluetits trust one another to take personal responsibility at any swim.

Fun – Sian started swimming in the sea without a wetsuit all year round for one reason. Because it’s really, really good fun! A Bluetit swim is a space in which we are all free to embrace a bit of silliness and reconnect with our inner, sometimes slightly naughty, child. From silly hats to naughty jokes and everything in between, we do this because it is fun!

Inclusivity – The Bluetits is for everyone. Full stop. No matter your gender, ethnicity, size, age, whatever. As long as you follow our values, you’re one of us. Our flocks have literally changed people’s lives, and we often hear that when a Bluetit joined their local flock they found their tribe. We feel strongly that everyone deserves to discover the joy of swimming with like-minded people.

Bluetit swims are free, and always will be.

Our expectations
We expect you to manage your group with compassion, trust that we are all swimming in the same direction and sharing the fun side of life with a sense of shared adventure. Practically you will need a high level of literacy and be happy working on Facebook. (If you’re not, we suggest finding a co-admin who is!) A love of people and badges will also come in handy!

Your commitment
We invite you to commit only the time that you can happily give and only if it makes you happy and you are having fun. The Bluetits is all about the shared experience and fun, if it ain’t fun, life is too short and there’s always something else to do!

Issues or Concerns
Please, if you have ANY issues or concerns with your page, the
technicalities of Facebook, a member of your group, or need advice or
information on any aspect of Bluetit activities please get in touch with us at HQ. We do our absolute best to respond quickly. We consider our volunteers part of the Bluetit team and family, and are here to support you accordingly!

You will also be part of The Top Tits group on Facebook, giving you access to other group admins and their wealth of experience.

Equal opportunities
The Bluetit Chill Swimmers is a wholly inclusive organisation and we
welcome everyone to come and have fun with us. We strongly encourage inclusivity within the groups, and if you feel that this might be a problem please speak to us openly and honestly if you need support with this.

Confidential information
Often on our swims we share personal stories and information. As Trust is one of our core values, we ask all members to treat personal information confidentially and with compassion.

The copyright of any documents or work created by individuals who are volunteering with The Bluetits will be deemed to belong to the

All information discussed as part of a volunteer admin role must be
classed as confidential; volunteers must work in compliance with data
protection and agreeing to the volunteer agreement means you agree to this.

What’s in it for you?
Well! You get access to the Top Tits group where you hear about our
events first, priority booking, discounts, prizes and a warm special
feeling that comes with facilitating a community of like minded, often
zany people!

Thank you so much for being part of our Bluetit family and giving your time. 

You are making a real and valuable contribution.