The Bluetit Charlie McLeod Robe

We’ve collaborated with Charlie Mcleod to bring you a simple way to order your Charlie Mcleod with the Bluetit logo embroidered, bright and bold, on the right chest. Free delivery to the UK and includes a FREE sexy dry bag.

Here are the steps to follow to order yours!

Click through to Charlie Mcleod’s website below.

Select your Sports Cloak.

Under ‘Personalisation‘ select ‘Yes.’

Type ‘BLUETITS‘ in the Right Breast box (see below)

Then simply add to the cart and pay your dues. You will then receive a beautiful robe, embroidered with The Bluetit logo and your sexy dry bag. All that remains is to strut your stuff at a swim and wait for the calls of ‘Oooh where did you get THAT?!’


You will be purchasing your robe directly from Charlie McLeod, as the item is a bespoke embroidery please note that they do not offer any refunds or exchanges.