Supplier Guidance

We love working with British companies that produce items that we know our Bluetits will love and we are always open to creating lovely new partnerships that benefit you, us and our swimmers and dippers. If you wish to use our logo on your products you will need to work with us. We have some limited exceptions for small handmade items that are a representation of our logo rather than the actual logo – like felted decorations or clay made earrings but permission is granted on a case by case basis. The first step is to get in touch.

As a potential supplier here’s what you need to know:

Quality is a massive thing for us. We don’t sell anything in our online store that we haven’t tried and tested ourselves, our customers trust us and we honour that. The best way for us to see the quality of your product is for you to send us a non-returnable sample or two and let us try it out!

What is in it for you?

We have a large active social media audience of over 11,000 and it’s growing all the time, they trust us and know that we only sell quality items.

We have our own media team locally which means we can get great professional photos with real Bluetits using or wearing your products. We even have access to a drone pilot if we think that is something that is needed or would look great!

We have a monthly newsletter that goes out to our flock which from time to time we can showcase products that we are really in love with.

What’s in it for us?

We have put a lot of energy and time into building our not-for-profit organisation and our aims are to promote inclusive, accessible and fun cold water swimming and dipping. That costs us money so in exchange for using our logo and having access to our audience we will ask for a commission or profit share.

What’s in it for our customers?

Our Bluetits are fans, some of them superfans and they love being able to get their hands on good quality Bluetits products. As a small organisation it’s not possible for us to make everything that they dream of so it works really well for us to partner with other people providing lovely things.

How does it work?

It depends! We have different arrangements with different suppliers:

  1. We list the product on our website with a link to your shop – all sales go directly through you, you deal with postage and packaging, customer emails, returns etc. Once a month you send us a report of your sales and we invoice you for our commission or profit share (15-20%) ←- This is our preferred option.
  2. We buy the product at a wholesale price from you and sell it directly through our website – for this we need to be achieving a 30-40% margin as we also then have to cover the costs of posting and packing and dealing with customer complaints and returns.

If you have a product you’d like us to consider, get in touch and tell us a bit more by emailing Please include the selling price, the wholesale price and have a think about how it might work. If you aren’t 100% sure get in touch and our fantastic Money Tit will be in touch with you to work out the numbers.