Buddy Up for the Winter Challenge 2022/23 - Chattering Chums with Frosty Bums!

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Be a Brrrilliant Buddy this Winter!

This winter’s challenge is called Chattering Chums With Frosty Bums, and it’s all about helping one another through the darker months. 

This is the winter to come together. To call that friend you haven’t heard from in a little while and invite them for a swim. To put the world to rights over a cup of tea in your layers after a dip. To head to the shore to sit and stay for the chat, even if you don’t get wet. This is the winter to tell loneliness to do one, and to face the crap stuff together as Brrrilliant Buddies!

  • This is the option to Buddy Up! To buy two challenges, give one to a friend, neighbour or newbie, and you’ll each receive an extra special Brrrilliant Buddies badge at the end of the challenge.
  • Why not add a little something extra and purchase our amazing Add on Pack, adding value and fun for only £7 each!

 Your brrrilliant buddies entry includes:

  • A fabric sew on challenge patch and a challenge pin badge (sent out when the challenge has finished)
  • An EXTRA Brrrilliant Buddies pin badge
  • A chart for each of you to track your 20 swims (emailed to you both upon entry)
  • Membership for both of you to of our amazing facebook group - The Arctic Flappers Challenge Group - quite possibly the happiest place on the internet.

Once you have paid your entry fee, you can both head to the facebook group by clicking here and answering the questions so we can let you both in!

* * Please Note * * If you were looking to buy our Single Winter Challenge entry Click Here!

We do not offer any refunds on challenges.