The Bluetits Drop Earrings

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Handcrafted, slow-made and unique Bluetit Earrings, lovingly created with polymer clay by Beth in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. An ideal gift, especially for the wild swimmer in your life!

Available with various different finishes - check her Etsy page for more info!

Here’s a little bit about Beth and how she came to be a part of The Bluetits…

“2 years ago I had a breakdown and was suffering from (what my therapists called) burnout! After a lot of soul searching (and therapy), I realised I did nothing for myself and had become lost in the many roles we women have, mother, teacher, wife… I felt I was failing at each of those roles. Beth was nowhere to be seen!…

And so it was that I embarked on the best adventure ever… I pushed myself totally out of my comfort zone, I turned up on a beach with a bunch of strangers, stripped off, and ran into the sea… in March, on a stormy day! I squealed, I laughed (in fact I cackled), I swore…. a lot! And then the strangest thing happened, I forgot about the cold, I started to relax and chat about life, all the while jumping over the waves with a smile on my face, joy in my heart and nothing else on my mind… No worries, no stress, nothing! And from that moment on, I was addicted!

Those strangers that welcomed me in on that day have helped me to discover myself again! And now I am incredibly lucky to call them friends!  In homage to the AMAZING community of people that is The Bluetits… I present my Bluetit earrings, pin badges, and brooches!”

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