Arctic Flappers Winter Challenge 2023/2024

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Are you ready for an Arctic Flappers Winter Challenge like no other? For the first time EVER we have introduced 4 different waves for you to join, so you can set your own goal and ensure your limits are challenged this winter.

Chilly Tit - 25 swims

If you’re just beginning your cold water journey then this is a great number of dips to push you through the colder months.

Frosty Tit - 50 swims

Already completed a challenge last year and looking for something extra? If so, Frosty maybe the one for you.

Snowy Tit - 75 swims

If you’ve got a few cold seasons under your belt and you’re feeling confident in the water, then the ‘Snowy 75’ might be up your street.

Icy Tit - 100 swims

Icy is aimed at experienced swimmers and dippers, accustomed to low temperatures, who are looking to map out their winter in the water.



Whichever wave you choose, you're sure to have an epic winter of dipping with fellow Bluetits. Your tracking chart comes with ideas for group meet ups, to mix things up with your flock!

The challenge will start on November 1st 2023, and will run for just over 21 weeks until March 31st 2024.

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