The Bluetit Dry Bag/Tow Float


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A tow float is an essential bit of kit for any Bluetit. They help you to be spotted easily, stay buoyant, carry any kit you might need on an adventure, and are perfect to lean on while having a natter in the water!

This bright pink beauty is the first ever tow float adorned with the Bluetit logo, and we are thrilled to introduce it!

The technical bit from our manufacturers:

  • Designed from consultation with RNLI safety experts
  • Dual-sided inflatable chambers
  • Boston valve for fast inflate and deflate
  • 18L size
  • Dimensions deflated in cm: 70L / 37W
  • Dimensions inflated in cm: 51L / 26W / 20D
  • Adjustable swim belt
  • Waterproof storage for phone, food and valuables
  • Carry handles
  • Buoyancy: 13KG
  • Max load weight: 5 KG
  • All tow floats include an adjustable swim belt, ISO 12402-8 safety whistle and SOLAS reflective material on the front and rear of the bag.

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