World Bluetit Day October 1st 2022!

Saturday 1st October is WORLD BLUETIT DAY!

It's the day we celebrate all that it is to be a part of this wonderful, courageous, and generally incredible community.

Last year, we asked you to let us know if you were dipping, and 3149 of you did! So this year, we're going bigger... MUCH bigger! And we'd love it if you would join us! 

From 8am on 1st October, we'll be going LIVE from Bluetit HQ in Pembrokeshire for a day of fun-filled, slightly chaotic Bluetitting.

We'll be chatting with flocks across the globe, connecting with those in the know about all things cold water, from kit to safety, and giving away LOTS of fabulous Bluetit goodies!


So, are you in?

 We hope you'll be there to watch!

Please comment and generally join in the uproarious fun! 

Let's make this the biggest and happiest World Bluetit Day yet!  

We look forward to catching you on our Facebook page on Saturday 1st October!