Winter Challenge - Business Sponsorship Opportunity

Spread the love of outdoor dipping and swimming this winter in your community and help us to combat loneliness.
£100 sponsorship = the gift of cold water swimming and friendship to 20 people in your local community.


Our bi-annual challenges are designed to be fun, inclusive and a way to encourage people to continue to dip throughout the seasons with friends.

The theme for our winter challenge this year is combating loneliness. Our world is facing huge uncertainties, which is causing stress and worry for large sections of our society.    Whether it be cost of living, or isolation, we are aware that people need as much support as possible to help them through what is expected to be a very difficult winter.  Experiencing cold-water swimming and dipping with friends is a low-cost way for people to get outside, into nature, to feel the mental and physical benefits of being part of a community along with the many health benefits of cold-water swimming and dipping itself. 

Introducing 'Chattering Chums with Frosty Bums'

Yes, as you can see we at The Bluetits don’t take ourselves too seriously - it’s all about having fun! That said, it’s also about staying safe which is why we produce a wealth of safety information and encourage people to swim in groups and with friends - it’s what our 100,000+ member,  free community is all about.

What is the challenge?

It's a straightforward one, swim 20 times between 1 November 2022 and 31 March 2023.

The challenge is just £5 to enter and each entrant gets:

  • A fabric sew on challenge patch and a challenge pin badge
  • A chart to track their 20 swims
  • Membership of our amazing challenge group Arctic Flappers - quite possibly the happiest place on the internet.

    How you can be involved:

    This year we want to make the challenge even more accessible.  These are tough times for a lot of people and even £5 spent on a non-essential item might feel like too much. Therefore, we are  inviting local businesses like yours, to sponsor places in your community. This means that a £100 sponsorship will allow us to offer a whopping 20-free places to people in your local community.

    What do you get in return:

    We will have a page on our website that lists every business that sponsors the challenge with a link to your website.

    We will post into your local Bluetits Facebook group thanking you for your generous sponsorship, letting people know they can apply for the free places. Again linked to your website or Facebook page.

    At the end of the challenge we will email all of the people who received sponsored places to ask for feedback about how this challenge made a difference to them - we will share the statistics and quotes with all our sponsors so you have the details of the impact your sponsorship has.

    Terms and conditions

    You will be asked which flock you wish your sponsored places to go to when you apply.

    Any unclaimed sponsored places within the local group will be offered nationally after 30 November 2022.

    There are 5 local sponsorships available per flock (please see /FindYourFlock for a map of our flocks)

    If you are interested in sponsoring the event on a larger scale please get in touch with

    Please note - any unallocated remaining funding at the end of the challenge will be put into The Bluetits Bursary Fund for future projects.


    About The Bluetits

    The Bluetits Chill Swimmers began on the Pembrokeshire coast.  One not so cold September morning in 2014 Sian Richardson decided she would try swimming in the sea through the winter.  As the months passed by, and the temperature dropped she continued to squeal and whoop, quite loudly it would seem!  Others heard and came along to join her, and that is how The Bluetits first group began.

    There are now over 100 groups and 100,000 Bluetits worldwide.  All are joined together by a love of swimming, adventure, and the sense of community which that brings.  We are not an official club, there are no membership fees and anyone is welcome at any of the informal swims arranged within the groups.

    The Bluetits Chill Swimmers Ltd is a social enterprise, set up in 2020 to provide a framework to support the fast growing community.  All profits go back into the running of The Bluetits, volunteer training, open water swim coach training, bursary funded projects, our famous free Bluetit badge and supporting our growing community.

    The core of what links us all together is sharing the joy, laughter and tears, of challenging ourselves in and around open water.