Winter Challenge 2022/23 - Chattering Chums With Frosty Bums!

The Arctic Flappers Winter Challenge 2022/23 is Here!

We are so excited for a winter of joyful dipping, Bluetitting and connection with other wonderful people all over the world.  This Winter is all about helping one another through the darker months, bringing you just the right, titivating balance of excitement and jitters for the winter of dipping ahead!

The basics are the same - complete 20 swims over the winter between the 1st November 2022 – 31st March 2023 and make them as joyful as you can - but this year there’s a couple of differences.

This page will tell you all you need to know, about the challenge for yourself, or for you and a buddy! Here are your next steps:



Here are the steps to enter this winter’s challenge click on the link below to buy your entry into the challenge:

Chattering Chums with Frosty Bums!

Your single entry includes:

    • A fabric sew on challenge patch and a challenge pin badge (sent out when the challenge has finished)
    • A chart to track your 20 swims (emailed to you upon entry)
    • Membership of our amazing Facebook Group - The Arctic Flappers Challenge Group - quite possibly the happiest place on the internet.  Once you've bought your entry, just head over and answer the questions so we can let you in!

If you haven't purchased the Add On - keep reading for more info, you'll need to download the chart and you can jump in a start recording your swims!


This winter’s challenge is all about helping one another through the darker months. 

To call that friend you haven’t heard from in a little while and invite them for a swim. To put the world to rights over a cup of tea in your layers after a dip. To head to the shore to sit and stay for the chat, even if you don’t get wet. This is the winter to tell loneliness to do one, and to face the crap stuff together as Brrrilliant Buddies!

Download the graphic below by right clicking to send to the person you'd like to gift your additional challenge to! 


Here are the steps for the Brrrilliant Buddy option, click on the link below to buy two entries into the winter challenge: 

Buddy Up Winter Challenge 2022/23

     Your brrrilliant buddies entry includes:

      • A fabric sew on challenge patch and a challenge pin badge (sent out when the challenge has finished)
      • An EXTRA Brrrilliant Buddies pin badge
      • A chart for each of you to track your 20 swims (emailed to you both upon entry)
      • Membership for both of you to of our amazing facebook group - The Arctic Flappers Challenge Group - quite possibly the happiest place on the internet.  Just head over and answer the questions so we can let you both in!



    If you’ve signed up for the Arctic Flappers Winter Challenge - Chattering Chums with Frosty Bums this Bumper Add on Pack can help keep you motivated and inject even more joy into the colder months!

    This season it's filled with 44 fabulous stickers, a special printed chart and bonus large Chattering Chums with Frosty Bums Sticker!

    Click on this link to buy our Bumper Add on Pack!



    If your question isn't answered here, drop us an email at!


    When does the challenge run?

    The official start date of the challenge is November 1st 2022, and the challenge will run until March 31st 2023.


    Do I have to complete all of the swims?

    Our challenges are all about encouraging you to get out there and enjoy the water in whatever way you can and feel able to. Yes, we're about challenging our limits together, but we are also about having fun! This challenge is yours to complete in any way you see fit, and you will receive your patch and badge at the end whatever happens!


    Do I need to let you know when I've completed the challenge?

    The patches and badges will be sent out automatically towards the end of the challenge, no need to let us know.


    I've moved house since I entered, how do I let you know?

    Email by February 1st, 2023 to notify us of any address change.


    I've tried to get into the Facebook group but I've been declined. What's going on?

    The only reason we would decline your request is that we can't find an entry under the email address or order number you provided. Double-check and try again!


    When will I receive my patch?

    The posting process will begin in March 2023 and will take us a bit of time, so please allow until April 30th 2023 to receive your patch before notifying us of a problem.