Bluetit Swim Coach Programme

The Bluetit mission is to create a capable, confident community through cold water swimming and adventures. This year, we are taking that one step further with the launch of our Bluetit Swim Coach Programme.

In 2021, we trained one Bluetit Swim Coach in Pembrokeshire, Makala, who provided open water sessions for Bluetits in the local community. What we expected was Bluetits feeling more confident in cold water, what we saw was incredible.

Bluetits came to the beach for all sorts of reasons. One hadn’t been dipping for years, and had got creative with ways to not draw attention to the fact that they never dipped in anything other than perfectly flat water. In session one, Makala held their hand as they ducked under waves.

Another had an overwhelming fear of seaweed touching them. In session two, Makala encouraged them as they to swam to a rock to sit in the sunshine – through kelp.

Every session was Bluetitty in every way. There were laughter, cheers, tears, and cake. There were people challenging their limits, together.

As confidence grew in the water, it grew elsewhere too. ‘If I can duck under a wave/grab onto some kelp/tread water out of my depth I can do anything.’

So, in 2022, we are extending the opportunity to train as a Bluetit Swim Coach to 24 people as evenly spread as possible around the UK. Could one of them be you?

The Bluetit Swim Coach Programme

As well as empowering 24 Bluetits to change their own lives, our aim is to provide Bluetit communities with swim coaches who can provide low cost sessions to their flocks, increasing their confidence, knowledge and capabilities.

We are working with Keri-Anne Payne from Straight Line Swimming to bring you a bespoke Bluetit Swim Coach course, 50% funded by The Bluetits Chill Swimmers Ltd.

This isn’t just a swim coach course we have worked with Straight Line Swimming to put together a course that will really support you in setting up and getting going with your new swim coach business.

As an Olympic silver medalist and double world champion I’ve spent a fair bit of my life in the water and I’m passionate about encouraging others to do the same. That’s why I founded Straight Line Swimming, where our team is committed to developing the skills of open water swimmers throughout the world.  – Keri-Anne Payne


  • STA Level 2 Online – 3 days of online training + Half a day in person
  • One Year Membership to SLS
  • 3 one-hour online Zoom sessions with Keri-Anne to support you after you have completed the qualification
  • One-hour Q&A business support session with our Finance Director (Gail Bainbridge) and our Media Tit (Sarah Mullis) where you can get help with Social Media marketing and business finances.
  • A follow up CPD course on cold water swimming especially designed for you in collaboration with Straight Line Swimming.


In order to apply you must be:

  • Over 18
  • A UK resident (we are working on an international programme)
  • Be an experienced open water swimmer
  • Hold either a swimming Level 2 teaching, coaching or triathlon coaching qualification – Learners who do not hold any of the above qualifications must complete the open water swimming coaching online up-skill programme (Cost Included).
  • Be a Bluetit.
  • Have the desire support your community of Bluetits.


The cost for the course is £800, however as part of our commitment to confident, capable, cold water swimming communities The Bluetits will be funding 50% of the cost for each successful applicant.


Applications are being accepted between Thursday 10th March and Friday 25th March.

We will review all applications between 25th March and 31st March.

Places will be confirmed by 4th April.

You must make your payment before 15th April to attend.


25th March 2022 – Applications Close

4th April 2022 – Places Confirmed

19th – 21st April 2022 – Online training (Option 1) – 12 places

3rd to 5th May 2022 – Online training (Option 2) – 12 places

11th June 2022 – Practical in person assessment – Lake 32, Cotswold Water Park

September 2022 – Exact date TBC for Cold Water Course

QUESTIONS : if you have read all the information and still have questions please contact adventure(at)

ARE YOU AN EXISTING COACH? : If you are interested in being a Bluetit approved swim coach we would love to hear from you. Please drop an email to adventure(at)