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ICE MILERS and Ironman/Woman Ice Milers

For those who like to take things to the extreme there is such a thing as an Ice Mile. This challenge was created by The International Ice Swimming Association

There are many criteria to completing an ice mile but basically-

find body of water that is a least 25 mtrs in length and 5 degrees or under in temperature

swim 1 mile

After three winter seasons training I had a go in 2018 and became one of the 70th something women in the world to complete one.


Then there is the Ice Mile Ironman/Woman challenge! Self explanatory really…you have to complete an Ironman event AND swim an ice mile.


Its now the turn of the other Bluetit founder Tracey Sharratt to take the plunge. She completed Ironman Wales in 2014 so is now on her way to become the first Welsh woman to claim an Iron Ice title. 6 women have completed this in the world to date.