Safety Tips for Little Bluetits!

Bluetitting is great fun (we actually think it’s up there with the most fun things out there!) and so it’s only natural that we want to share it with the children in our lives. It’s important that they are safe and seen, and so as well as our usual safety resources, we got in touch with Professor Mike Tipton to ask him about children and cold water.

Professor Tipton said that we must exercise great caution when it comes to our fledgling Bluetits and cold water. An average child will cool a lot more quickly than an average adult, and this is because of a greater surface area to body mass ratio. Also, because there’s just less of them, they contain less body heat in the first place! He said that children are also more likely to not perceive that they’re getting cold.

Considering other things like strong currents, we need to be extra observant when dipping, swimming, or playing in shallows with fledgling Bluetits, especially if they are not wearing a wetsuit. Look out for blue lips and shivering, and make sure there are plenty of layers and warm drinks on hand to warm them up post-dip!