The Ice Mile

Not for everyone this challenge but then neither is live modelling a swimsuit in a shop window or plunging into any of body of water even once without a wetsuit … challenges come in many shapes and forms and what one persons deems a major challenge can be considered a walk in the park for someone else. Why we choose to do what we do when we do always fascinates me but In my experience once a challenge takes your fancy it can be a bugger to get it out of your head. So the season for attempting ice miles is upon us and if you take an interest in this kind of thing the air is full of who’s done what where and in what temperature. Trying to stick to your training guns and remember you are unique and cannot compare yourself to anyone else is tough. The sensible you knows all of this but the beast within is impatient and eager to get the first ice mile done and that red jacket on…. everyone else is managing it so why not me?! It’s tough, but an ice mile attempt is not to be taken lightly. The author of the attached is a seasoned ice miler and I like the way she has written the piece… honest and no drama, it is what it is, challenging but doable.

Bluetit Tracey did her 1km qualifier today in 4.4 degree water with Jan as ‘recovery angel’…. the ice mile cometh